Private Instruction Rates




Adult Lessons

Individual private lessons are designed for any student from beginner to seasoned player looking for instruction on the game, or a specific area of the game. Sessions are scheduled in 30-minute increments. Every individual lesson includes the use of the practice facility during the lesson, any and all training equipment used during the lesson. Each session may also include the use of an enhanced computer swing analysis system, and specific drills.

Junior Lessons 17 and under

Golf coaching offers a wealth of benefits for children; it can encourage the development of important personal and life skills, including co-operation, concentration, self-motivation and respect. Rules and etiquette are a vital part of the culture and golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by both boys and girls, regardless of physical fitness.

I have taught an astounding 1300+ junior and adult lessons each year with a range of abilities, ages, and experience.  I have many success stories and the next one could be yours!  

Junior Lessons 7 and under  

These lessons are for the young junior age 7 and under who has shown an interest in the game.  The lessons are 30 minutes in length so as to keep the child's attention span engaged during instruction.  This is a super affordable way to start your child in the game of golf! 

Inspiring to make the High School Team

Every year Middle School age juniors come to me to prepare for their High School tryouts and they are not disappointed!  This year alone 99% made their team and when they make the team I make sure it is permanent.   I help them not only mechanically, but mentally as well.  Each student receives a mental game download comprised of some of the best strategies across the golf industry.  That's not all!  On my website there is a page Tournaments for your Junior dedicated to juniors playing competitive golf.  This list has literally every popular single and multi-day competition across the entire state that will fit any budget. It's all here!


Golf Lesson Prices

 Private Lessons:


  • Single Junior 30-minute -$50 or  60-minute $70
  • Single Adult  30-minute - $60 or  60-minute $80
  • Eyeline Tour Roll Putting Lesson 60 minute-$99

 Adult and Junior Playing Lessons:  

  • Playing lesson On-Course (1.5 hours)-$90  What is Included!


    Tour Roll Putting Instruction 



     EYELINE is a well known by industry insiders to be a leading golf training tool supplier.  They are constantly coming up with new ways & tools to better a golfer's game with proven technologies, simple to use and tour pro proven before release to the public. In this regard they developed a Putting Elements certification with an instructor toolkit, that you may have seen me use from time to time.
    Now I have combined the most common putting issues into a single 90 minute session where golfers can use all the tools and get private coaching to improve the "Game within the Game". Find out how to beat the most common putting issues, including:


    You will access to the latest technologies of EYELINE putting tools to find what your doing in your putting stroke & get the techniques and feel for Your Personal Unique Best Putting Technique.  You will walk away with the Personal Practice Plan to provide you a path to lower scores via Fewer Putts

    Bonus!! You will receive 40% off 1 training aid we use in your lesson should you wish to purchase !!

    Currently, 8 of the Top 10 Players in the World Golf Rankings trust their game to EyeLine.  Click Here to See who is training!


    • SETUP - Rest, Rock & Roll consistent putting setup technique
    • PATH - Proper line of putt to hit targets at the right speed every time
    • IMPACT - Sweet Spot contact & ball position for best roll ever
    • SPEED - Distance control to match the perfect putting speed
    • BONUS - Side hill Green Reading technique to tap-into the cup, no more 3 putts, make your makables,  fearless short-putts, and just about anything that a golfer struggles with!