Doug has coached and taught my son, Gunnar McCollins for the last eight (8) years, and Gunnar is only 16 years old now a Junior in High School at Perry Local Schools. My family is blessed to know Doug very well. He has played an integral part of my son’s life and development as a Player and Person. Doug has tremendous knowledge and teaching ability having a positive impact on my son’s life. On a recent college golf questionnaire, the question was asked, “who has the most influence on you”? His answer included Coach, Doug Lemons. Doug is his person. Golf became a passion very young for Gunnar as Doug put on weekly tournaments in NE Ohio as Tournament Director. I love following Junior Score Board results and I see all of the names of Junior Golfers that Doug has influenced because of the numerous events Doug lead when these now High School Students were younger and now achieving super results. I also look at new students of Doug’s from my son’s high school golf team making progress and learning plus gaining confidence. Doug has been directly involved in teaching my son the following: Character matters – Integrity, Mental approach to the game of golf, Golf etiquette, Learning golf rules, never quit or give up, my son has never withdrawn from a Tournament, Inspires hard work and dedication, Always there for him no matter what which teaches him to do the same for others, Proper golf swing and development, course management, and practicing properly, Sportsmanship, Allows my son to learn from his mistakes, teaches and guides through challenges golf brings, Celebrates his victories , Have fun playing and plays with him, How to fish, a hobby of Doug’s (on the golf course and off a positive influence) I’m proud to know Doug Lemons. I’m proud of my son’s accomplishments and love he has for the game of golf as he plays until the sun goes down.

Krishna McCollins


I would like take time to thank you for being a positive role model for my son Ryan. The member's winter lesson program has improved his swing and attitude 110%. All of the bad habits he picked up from other instructors have been corrected. I commend you for your patience and discipline with all the kids that you coach. He looks forward to his lessons on Saturday morning and has given us the ability to enjoy are time as father and son on the golf course. Ryan has come so far in the short time he has been your student. When anyone ask's me about golf lessons I always send them your way. Ryan and I look forward to a long relationship with you and your program. 


 Thanks coach

Steve Schlitzer


"I have known Doug for three years. He is a true professional and wholly committed to teaching kids the game. It is his life’s work. He was my sons’ first golf teacher and gave them thorough instruction in the fundamentals of golf, rules, and etiquette. Above all, he instilled in them a true love for the game. My boys love golf, and their work Doug was a key to cultivating their passion.

Doug’s demeanor and ability to work with young golfers is amazing. Few PGA professionals have the gift or patience to work with young novices like Doug. Children seem to flock to him and he’s able to inspire them, and teach a very complicated game to young people by talking with them on their level. I have watched him transform the erratic swings of many children into smooth, effortless strokes with excellent results. He is a master teacher".

"In my estimation, Doug is the number one youth golf instructor in the country".


Dr. Brian E. Paulis, Ph.D


Dear Dr. Haldar

"Doug Lemons is an excellent coach, educator, mentor and U.S Kids facilitator. Doug always gives every child his best. He believes in offering each kid the same opportunities regardless of their skill level or background. He consistently emphasizes the importance of ethical play, good sportsmanship and values on and off the course. He breaks down the game of golf with the U.S Kids learning program so that young players can learn at their own individual levels and have personal success, pride, and confidence in themselves and their personal accomplishments. Doug makes playing golf fun! He encourages positive family participation in all the tournaments creating an exciting golf experience for all the kids as well as the parents and extended families. Doug Lemons has great personal character, is a positive role model, and organizes an excellent U.S Kids Golf program in Canton, Ohio. We are so blessed to have Doug as our son's coach because he really is the best"! 

Carla Niziolek

“The Ohio Junior Golf Academy is a great resource for schools to incorporate golf into their PE curriculum. The program works for ALL levels beginning in Kindergarten. The Instructor gives students a safe environment to learn the basics of swinging a club within the context of a game setting that incorporates basketball, baseball, and hand-eye coordination. The Ohio Junior Golf Academy has some of the best instructors around and I strongly recommend this program to anyone”.

Jeff Manion,

Tallmadge City Schools


"Doug is a highly motivated leader, demonstrating his skills as a PGA Professional at The Legends of Massillon Golf Course and the U.S. Kids Junior Golf Tours. Doug demonstrated his ownership abilities at his retail club repair business and learning center in Canton, Ohio making and fitting golf clubs for all skill levels of adults and juniors and teaching them how to use properly fit equipment on the golf course. His ability to lead by example is demonstrated in the students he teaches, the adult golfers he educates and the assistant golf professionals he mentored throughout his career. Doug is an honest, well-respected role model that will enhance your student's golf experience, motivate juniors".

Respectfully Submitted,

Dominic A. Antenucci, PGA
Executive Director
Northern Ohio PGA Section


"Prepare yourself for success"! Because of Doug's experience and knowledge, he is professional, patient and positive. He is dedicated to an enjoyable learning experience. He knows what level of instruction you need and he works with you until you “get it”. Through analysis and technology, he reinforces the correct fundamentals. This approach leads to immediate and measurable improvement. The one - on - one relationship really pays off--through the specific drills, and teaching aids you feel the “correct balance”. Doug does not treat only symptoms—there is no quick- fix technology; you can depend on Doug for constructing your swing. You will successfully hit the ball because you know how to swing the club. “I have been playing golf for almost one year and because of Doug's instruction and dedication, I am now playing on one of the most difficult courses in a private club. I still have more to learn but am enjoying my playing experience”.