Doug Lemons,PGA


I have mentored and/or taught aspiring Junior players to State Championships, collegiate careers, or just making their High School golf team. Whatever their goals I can help them reach their greatest potential. I have been a golf professional for over 20 years and I still found myself looking for something more fulfilling. One of the most career rewarding decisions I have ever made was to just focus my efforts on teaching golf to adults and juniors without having to juggle the day to day responsibilities of a country club setting.    

There is an old adage that says, “No man stands so tall as he who stoops to help a child” What a wonderful philosophy and one to which I am totally committed. I am not a doctor, lawyer, or brilliant scientist. I am a golfer. As such, this is the best way that I can help a child. Although I enjoy the title of Professional Golfer, I must never let this become an obstacle between me and the child with whom I am working. I have found that building a relationship with a child is easy if only you are willing to recognize and respect them for who they are. There are many times when the teacher must become the student. There are times when throwing a water balloon is far more fun than swinging a golf club. There are times when a shoulder to cry on is far more important than the art of gripping a club. Above all else, there is always a time to encourage – never a time to criticize. So whatever frustrations you have with your game, I bet I've been there and can help you. I enjoy helping students to hit a well struck golf shot and learning to score through better short game shots and course management. 

 I enjoy teaching the game of golf to anyone who has a real desire to learn, no matter what the ability. Whether you are trying to just learn the game, or work towards a college scholarship, or possibly trying to become a teaching or playing professional, I can help.



Doug Lemons
Director of Instruction, Teaching Professional